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Solaire Powering Systems

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Small Village Home Systems

Solaire Home Systems with Battery Backup for Villages are quiet and operate automatically using solar electric technology. As the sun rises, the solar power system begins to deliver utility grade electricity to dedicated loads.

During power outages, the solar system provides power for daytime loads and battery charging for nighttime loads. Our Systems combine the latest technology available to provide years of reliable, low maintenance operation. The Solaire control panel and batteries are contained in a âslim-lineâ, outdoor enclosure and is fully tested with a factory assembled control panel for simple, trouble free installation.

Solaire Offers Reliable Solar Energy Solutions for Continuous,Reliable,Cost-effective Electric Power for a Village Home
Solaire meets your power needs using photovoltaic (PV)technology.Our products and systems are designed for maximum efficiency and minimum on-site construction time and operation costs.

Solaire Home Systems with Battery Backup provide power, security and safety for small homes in a remote village during periods of extended power emergencies. On-site installation can be completed within a few days.


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