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Solaire Energy Systems welcomes you for an introduction of renewable energy programme of solar power. we are system  integrators having technological collaboration with Aeca Solar of Spain who are lone of the leading Designers, System Suppliers & Integrators of Solar, Wind, Biomass & Fuel Cell Based Integrated  Grid Tie  Power Plants in Spain having supplied more than 12 MW of Solar Power Plants including  Rooftop Plants.

As technological leaders, we know what our clients require. We with our collaborators Aeca Design, Install & Deliver Solar Powered Systems that deliver more than 100% Rated Power based on the Feasibility. Studies are conducted & selected to use the right components like Inverters, Solar Modules & Monitoring Systems since no two projects are the same. Each Project is designed based on site location, climatic conditions, infrastructure, availability, etc.

Each PV System is unique & we have the right solution for every Application viz. House, Warehouse, Industry & for Project Installers. our collaborators Aeca delivers solar projects in a perfect “ Ready To Use” modality installed, working & producing at 100 % catering to a wide variety of power users like Home Owners, Developers of Complexes, Large Corporations, MNC’S, Industries, Housing Complexes, etc.

The company with its innovative approach to new technologies plans to introduce the state of the art technology in solar modules that produce Power 24 hrs. the day be it cloudy or rainy conditions. Another introduction will be in the field of Lithium Nano Batteries that get charged & recharged within few minutes & having a life cycle of 20 years & finally a Hydrogen on Demand Fuel Cell System to be used with Normal Tap Water & producing power at nominal cost these are a few shape of things to come in near future from Solaire Energy Systems to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels in near future.

The company meets your power needs using photovoltaic (PV) technology. Our solar electric systems supply reliable power where and when you need it. We design our products and systems for maximum efficiency and minimum on-site construction time and operation costs.

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